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17. Body Discomfort

Monday Oct 09, 2023

Monday Oct 09, 2023

"I want to lose weight because I am just so uncomfortable in my body."
Raise your hand if you've said these words!
What if I told you that there was a way to learn how to be comfortable in the body that you are in right now?
And what if I told you that your resistance to learning this comfort is not protecting your health like you think it is?
I know what you are thinking. You're sitting there saying "If I learn how to be comfortable with the body I have right now then I'm afraid I'm going to continue gaining weight."
I know you think that shame and judgment about your body are going to be the things that motivate you to lose weight or be healthier, but the truth is that shame and judgment are the very things that are keeping you stuck in the cycle of disordered eating.
There is a way to be kind to yourself, feel comfortable with where you are at, AND achieve your health goals.
In this podcast episode, I show you exactly how to do this.
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Tuesday Aug 22, 2023

If you don’t eat a 700 calorie cheeseburger because you think it’s unhealthy but then proceed to eat a bunch of “healthy” stuff devoid of the essential proteins, fats, and nutrients that your body was craving in the cheeseburger, bringing your total calorie intake to 1,200….why do you keep doing that?
So many times people will express to me that they eat so healthy but can’t understand why they keep gaining weight. Well guess what, if you’re constantly denying your cravings, which is your body’s way of trying to communicate to you what it needs, and instead you’re forcing yourself to eat foods that your body actually isn’t look for and doesn’t need, then of course your weight and appetite homeostasis is going to be way off.
You have plenty of room in your diet to get all the vitamins and minerals your body needs and still have room for something like a cheeseburger. Not everything you ingest needs to be jam packed with vitamins and minerals. Your body also needs major macronutrients like protein and fat (cheeseburger).
Your cravings aren’t trying to deceive you. Your body is very smart. It regulates your heart rate, respiration rate, and body temperature, and it can also perfectly regulate your appetite and cravings as well if you decide to finally TRUST it.
In this episode, I dive into your sense of interoceptive awareness and show you how to prioritize satisfaction so that you can stop obsessing over food, achieve health, and be free to move on with your life.
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Thursday May 18, 2023

Relationships that are characterized by control and manipulation stem from a lack of trust. When we are in a relationship with someone we don't trust, we tend to deploy our controlling side. This might look like creating rules to follow, invading the other person's privacy by going through their things, and picking fights.
What does your relationship with food look like? Is that relationship also characterized by control and manipulation? Similar to controlling relationships with other people, controlling relationships with food ALSO stems from a lack of trust. But this lack of trust instead stems from a lack of trust for ONESELF.
When you don't trust yourself with food you may deploy food rules and regulations such as:
no eating after 7pm
no more than 1,600 calories per day
only one serving of bread allowed each day
must exercise at least 5 days per week
I know you think that one day you can food-rule your way into peace and freedom with food, but reflect...has following diets and food rules every brought you peace or has it only made you more obsessed and anxious?
The way to actually arrive at peace and freedom around food is to work on the relationship that you have with yourself and to learn how to develop trust for yourself.
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Monday Feb 27, 2023

I know you think that stepping on the scale is giving you control over your body and your food intake. But what if I told you that stepping on the scale is the very thing that is making you out of control?
It goes a little something like this:
1 - You step on the scale
2 - If the number is higher than desired, you eat less. If the number is lower than expected you continue eating less to “continue your progress”
3 - Your food intake in controlled by the number, not your intuition or your body’s actual needs
4 - The restriction is unsustainable leading to chronic episodes of overeating
5 - anxiety takes over and you step on the scale again repeating numbers 1-4
I know you think that stepping on the scale is going to one day be the thing that connects you with your body.
I promise you, it will never be the tool that does that for you. In fact it is the very tool that is preventing you from connecting with your body.
I know it’s scary to think about ditching the scale. And it’s a very normal human reaction to want to ease the anxiety right away. And you may feel a relief temporarily when you step on the scale but continuing to step on the scale is just deepening the void of this cycle. The only way out is to stop stepping on the scale.
Only then does the journey of reconnecting with your body and making peace with food become possible.
Good news for you, you don’t have to try this alone!
⚡️ MARCH 7th - 28th I am hosting a FREE 21 day challenge to DITCH THE SCALE ⚡️
What’s included in this freebie?
⚡️ a workbook to guide you through 3 weeks without the scale
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⚡️ some other surprises 🤫
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Ditch The Scale Challenge

Tuesday Oct 04, 2022

This episode is a little different today. I talk about my unmedicated birth story, kink, sex, divesting from oppressive systems and somehow tie it all together back to diet culture. I understand this episode may not be for everyone, it sure is a little "out there."
If you're a kinky freak, you'll certainly love it. 
Regardless of your sexual preferences, I recommend that everyone read the book that I referenced in this podcast,
Existential Kink by Carolyn Elliott, PHD
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Friday Sep 02, 2022

I can not count the number of times I've met people who have confused anxiety for a food allergy or food sensitivity.
Serotonin is a mood regulator and is responsible for helping us to manage our emotions. Most of our serotonin is created in our guts. In the case of anxiety, extra serotonin is produced which can cause stomach discomfort and ruin appetite.
Many people will bounce between gastroenterologists and functional medicine doctors trying to find the root cause of their stomach pain. This is where the spiral of elimination diets begin.
If you have tried elimination diets with no relief, the reason is because elimination diets can disrupt the microbiome in your gut making stomach pain even worse. Additionally, elimination diets in it of themselves can cause stress and anxiety.
More stress, more anxiety, more stomach disruption and on top of it all, no answers for a way out.
Has your pursuit of finding which foods upset your stomach completely destroyed your relationship with food? Have you been left feeling more confused and more out of touch with your body?
In this podcast episode I discuss how easy it is to confuse the symptoms of anxiety for a food allergy and how the pursuit of finding a food allergy when there is no evidence to support one, ends up destroying the composition of the gut even further causing more pain and anxiety.
I also show you how to break this cycle and how to eat in a way that will make you feel good again.
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11. Exercising for Health

Sunday Aug 14, 2022

Sunday Aug 14, 2022

Meet exercise culture - diet culture’s fraternal twin sister.⁣⁣Are you under the impression that unless you’re doing a bootcamp 7 days a week and you’re sweating for an hour straight each time, the workout doesn’t count?⁣⁣What if I told you that that’s not what’s necessary to reap the health benefits of exercise? I can bore you with the research…”exercise is beneficial for health…”blah blah blah, yes, yes it is beneficial for health. But how much? The research certainly does NOT suggest that your workout needs to be a bootcamp to “count.”⁣⁣The research shows that any movement beyond sedentary improves health outcomes. This means that if you are sedentary most of the day and you add just 10 minutes of walking to your routine, you get to reap the cardiovascular and muscular benefits of exercise!⁣⁣ALSO, if you do a kick ass workout and then eat fries and a milkshake afterwards, guess what? You STILL get to experience the health benefits of exercise. Food in fact does not “cancel out” your workout.⁣⁣Does your relationship with exercise go hand in hand with your relationship with food? Do you have really big plans of starting an intense workout routine along with a really strict diet? And then once you come off your diet, your exercise plans go in the trash as well? How long have you been stuck on that cycle only to grow more and more frustrated in your attempts to get healthy?⁣Here’s some more research - people who do not push themselves to do workouts that are uncomfortable, end up moving and exercising more over the course of their lives than those who are stuck in the diet/exercise-binge/sedentary cycle. In other words, people who practice joyful movement end up exercising more than people who subject themselves to intense, unsustainable workouts. Are you scratching your head? Ironic, I know.⁣⁣This doesn’t have to be your story anymore. You can break this vicious cycle. In what ways do you enjoy moving? 
In this episode, I explain how you can start to build a healthy relationship with exercise.
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Book Referenced: Intuitive Eating. A Revolutionary Anti-Diet Approach by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch

Sunday Jul 31, 2022

The research behind nutrition is very limited. I’m not talking about cold hard nutrition facts such as “Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen.”
Not that.
I’m talking about hypotheses that are studied. Hypotheses such as “a diet high in cholesterol leads to high blood cholesterol levels.”
Those studies are super limited. And the conclusions that are drawn from them are often debunked after several years. I mean, remember when they used to tell us that eggs were bad? Old, fake news!
When it comes to nutrition and human metabolism, there are so many factors to be adjusted for that are very difficult to adjust for. These include environmental factors, socioeconomic status, gender, age, and DNA.
Some are easier to adjust for than others but when we are talking about factors such as DNA, there are factors that we don’t even know to adjust for.
And this is why the “science” behind nutrition is constantly changing. This is why the information that’s put out on google and social media is so confusing.
No wonder we get pulled from the mind-body connection and feel chaos and disorder when it comes to making food choices.
In this episode I talk about your intuition being the guiding light and the most accurate truth for guiding your food choices. I also talk about how the USDA dietary guidelines are inherently oppressive and designed to rip you from your intuition and how you can start reconnecting to the energy today.
I even accidentally dabbled on the vaccine conversation. Whoops!
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9. It’s Not About the Food

Tuesday Jul 19, 2022

Tuesday Jul 19, 2022

How many times have you ever said to yourself "why can't I just eat a sandwich without thinking about calories and carbs and just move on with my life?"
Why can't you, do you think? I know you want to be free from food rules and dieting. Maybe the questions we need to start asking ourselves is "why do food rules even exist?"
Where did they come from?
Why are they even here?
What is the goal of them? And for what purposes?
I have a few theories.
For one, we live under capitalism. We were born into a world where our worth and value has been measure by efficiency, production, and bottom lines.
This overarching structure and framework doesn't go away when we walk into our kitchen to pick something out to eat.
Maybe this system is responsible for making us feel like we need to eat in certain ways and any missteps deeply threaten our sense of self-worth.
In this podcast episode I dive deeper into the larger systems and structures in place that could be keeping you stuck in a chaotic relationship with food.
It's not about the food. It's about something so much more.
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Monday Jul 11, 2022

Shaming yourself doesn't work to break toxic cycles. You can not shame your way into make better choices for your life.
How many times have you overate a food and then resorted to speaking meanly to yourself?
"I'm such an idiot."
"What's wrong with me?"
"I have no self control."
"I hate myself."
We all know the cliche saying "would you speak to your friend the way you speak to yourself?" And of course you wouldn't talk to your friend in these ways. And yet you continue to talk to your own self in this way.
Did you know that you shame yourself in these ways because your brain is actually wired to do so?
The limbic system is the part of the brain that associates emotions with memories. When your brain perceives your own behavior to be a threat to yourself, the limbic system gets activated and tries to make you feel a negative emotion to associate with the behavior in the pursuit of convincing you to never perform that behavior again.
But the thing is that it doesn't work. In fact, psychologists call the limbic system the "prison of the survival brain." When you are caught in a cycle, there are cultural, genetic, and environmental factors that put you in the trap of that cycle.
Shaming yourself doesn't actually do anything to get you out of that trap. Shame just berates you for being in a trap that you had no part in creating.
The cool thing about being a human though is that we have something called a prefrontal cortex and we can use this part of our brain to evolve in a different way. We can use our brain to stop shaming ourselves and to get curious about why we are caught in the trap to begin with.
Only then can we gain control and make the behavior changes that we are trying to make.
In this podcast episode, I dive much deeper in these little nooks and crannies of the human brain and I show you exactly how to break out of these toxic cycles so that you can make the behavior changes that you're looking for.
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